Fat girl’s clothing business

in daily life, to thin for the United States has long been recognized, fat girls more and more easy to be ignored, not to be concerned about, or even be looked down upon. However, the following, Xiao Bian will bring you a fat girl on the rich spring, to see how she is successful harvest!

the beginning, Zhang Jingwei how entrepreneurship is only a vague concept, or even where to start their own company are due to "hearsay". A friend in Panyu there are many clothing factories and said to her, she was a man pulling a suitcase from Beijing to Guangzhou, in the investigation of the local foundry resources, has opened a headquarters located here.

until the beginning of this year, the new designer’s office, just let her in on this issue a sigh of relief. But at present, "MS· SHE" is only for the bust design size, to provide more sophisticated services for different size cannot fit the customer. In the future, Zhang hopes to achieve through the accumulation of customer size based on the size of the data to achieve a wide range of styles, and has achieved nearly one hundred thousand customer data accumulation.