What are the foot store misunderstanding

is now a lot of shops because of the neglect of managers, resulting in easy to fall into a misunderstanding, so that the development of the store is very big impact. So, with the increase of customer requirements, foot store business is facing a severe test, in order to stimulate consumption, to attract more customers, we need to establish the target of the management and development of strategic management, but also to avoid making management mistakes.

1, who is the foot store not clear its core customers, only know that the door is the guest, guests are visitors to the water off, can not cultivate customer loyalty, customer loyalty is extremely low.

2, foot store do not know how many customers interested in foot project. If your foot project does not taste, the customer is no longer natural home.

3, reflexologist only for new customers smile (because you can get a commission), the old customers lack of care and respect, neglect the customer, finally, has left the old customers away from the foot store.

4, foot store business mainly depends on the professional technology, reflexologist technology but hard, many customers after the experience of feeling is not obvious, and even counterproductive effects, foot store reputation.

5, foot store the image of poor health status of the store, the customer into the store feel uncomfortable, do not want to stay.

Foot store

6, uneven quality of talent, a lot of foot store owners in order to save training time and cost, directly to the new training days that posts, irregular, not professional reflexologist, creates the customer feel uncomfortable, bring complaints.

7, foot store lack of customer orientation, or do not care about customer feedback, or blindly listen to individual customer opinions, eventually lose their original old customers.

8, foot store does not know the customer management, the store never build customer files, reflexologist only by face mind, consciousness to the customer for a long time did not come, the guest has already become a guest.

9, foot store promotions will only blindly copying and imitation, not innovation, and only understand competitors on price. Customer of the same similar promotional activities will have much weakness, unwilling to understand any project foot store, produce psychological resistance to foot store.

if you are a foot store operators, these errors if there was? Shop operating errors are not terrible, terrible is the operator simply do not know how to improve. So, if you want to successfully open a foot store, these errors can all need to pay attention to it.