What are the advantages of Sichuan cloud hospital intelligent medical system

with the continuous development of science and technology, all aspects of society also follow the constant change. In the medical field, Sichuan has a more modern cloud hospital wisdom medical system, then what is the advantage of this new gadget? Let’s look at the specific reports.

is near the large green waves of the artificial lake, wooden plank extended to the middle of the lake, the two storey house looks like a vacation house. In May 31st, 2016 in Sichuan Province, the wisdom of the community site work conference held in Wenjiang, when the participants came to the point, can’t believe here is the Wenjiang street Liucheng District Guanghua community cloud hospital".

residents will be able to take a self-help physical examination

in the vicinity of the residence of Chen uncle that day with his wife in the lake group, dropped into the "cloud hospital", here are the sphygmomanometer and ultrasonic testing instrument for height and weight, residents free self examination. Uncle Chen’s help, the reporter also measured the blood pressure and weight, yo, your blood pressure is low oh, go to the doctor’s advice."

has long been adept use instruments like Uncle Chen half a doctor, he said it would be okay when to measure a blood pressure monitoring health status, a 10 minute walk, here too really self-help service.


service in addition to the healthy elderly sick, elderly people can stay at home to see doctors. For example, some time ago, 58 year old aunt Yang experienced an online medical. The wisdom of the health care system in the "cloud", aunt Yang opened the computer, by way of video front to West China Hospital experts to search inquiry, online community doctors are full of attachment, follow-up treatment of Yang aunt tracking.

cloud according to the relevant person in charge of the hospital, personalized services, this experience opened a smart health voice call platform, launched the "healthy home" health hotline service, to provide for the community residents (7 days) × 8 (H) professional telephone health advisory services. At the same time, the professional team to build a medical service by general practitioners, community nurses, physician assistants, family practitioners, public health staff, a full range of medical services and health management to provide contract services for community residents. According to statistics, there are nearly 30 families signed a family doctor.

province will build 11 intelligent communities

reporter learned from the provincial housing department organized by the intelligence community site meeting that the province has set 11 provincial subsidies pilot smart community, respectively is the Chengdu Wenjiang District Liucheng Street office, Chengdu District of Wenjiang springs community Red Street office community, Panzhihua City Xin ruiquan Eastern Bingcaogang Subdistrict Office of Yangcheng community Luzhou Hongxing street, Longmatan District, Luzhou city community oeki dam safety Fujian Naxi District