Open imported snack shop is to join or open their own good

is now almost an industry has provided any cooperation brand, however, for many investors, do not know their own good to join, or build a open shop, this is a problem bothering many people. So, the import of snack shops began to join or open their own good?

according to reports, imported snacks snacks imported from abroad, through layers of approval, inspection, and then put on the domestic shelves. At present, the domestic agent of foreign food is still relatively small, generally only large food companies to supply. So just started the shop, the best way to choose the store, which can reduce concerns in the purchase channels, business models and other aspects, take a lot of detours.

imported snacks shop to take more ways to join, many importers from Guangzhou purchase. Insiders remind that the choice to join the pre funding must be sufficient, in general, the operation of imported snacks store at least 7~10 months or so to return. A more than and 20 square meters of imported snack shops, start-up funds need about 100 thousand yuan, of which the initial fee, deposit contract, purchase fees, renovation costs, purchase of goods shelves, such as the cash register takes about forty thousand or fifty thousand or so. In addition, about fifty thousand or sixty thousand yuan will be used for the transfer fee and rent.

so, although now imported snacks is a large business market is very good, but if one has no experience at all, the key is to find a source to open his own success probability will be greatly reduced. Therefore, if you open a home imported snack shops, Xiaobian proposal, or join the way is better.