Specialty restaurant promotional gifts to create better marketing results

now the major stores in order to better business, will continue to take a variety of promotional tools, promotional gifts. However, promotional gifts are different, the effect will not be the same, for the operation of the store will have a different influence. In this paper, the introduction of this case is a successful example of a successful restaurant promotion, it is worth learning more restaurants.

has a restaurant designed a special gift for the customer:

a song filled with classic car CD music disc, as a gift gift to customers, played an unexpected marketing effect:

one, a cost of 4 yuan or so discs, driven by a higher than usual traffic of more than 3 times, sales soared straight line;

two, a lot of customers for this special design of the beautiful CD, specially to eat, and even attracted a lot of surrounding city customers;

three, CD can be played on the car at any time, as soon as I heard the music, the customer immediately think of the restaurant, to remind customers of the memory.

four, some customers listen to their own is not enough, after meal also buy a few back to send to friends, to realize the multiple spread and two sales.

restaurant promotional gifts must meet three criteria: first, the quality is good, the price is controlled by the two, the contact rate is high to three!

this restaurant’s car CD music disc no doubt in the three criteria, only to achieve such a good marketing results.

1, hit the target customer base of small hobby

send young people what gift, can move them? Plush toys? NO! Cartoon? NO! Send a dish, give a ticket? Out of date!

young people most have a car of his own car, on the way to work, and friends together to drive, this time, they love to do, is to listen to good music, side chat, this is more than 90% of young people driving scene.

Isn’t that surprising that the CD

is popular? Restaurant manager said, as long as the customer to see this CD, you want to!

2, wide transmission rate, high contact rate

As long as the car

CD discs, as long as the driving song nice, people will listen repeatedly, and love softly sing; and as long as you send the restaurant customer drive, CD will have the opportunity to be heard, there are better than this communication tools?