Kaili Province held in Guizhou landless peasants entrepreneurship training

Chinese since ancient times is a large agricultural country, at the same time, with the continuous development of urbanization in many places, in many rural areas, farmers have lost their land, their survival is also facing a lot of problems.


"employment guidance and training is very useful, to participate in the training, so I learned a lot of things, want to dare not to think before and after training these procedures clear feeling." When it comes to their participation in the employment guidance and training, Weng Yi Development Zone in Kaili province Guizhou City, the old villagers Chen a look of excitement, full of confidence in their own business.

8 17, bureau of human resources of Kaili Economic Development Zone in the area of landless farmers actively organize 65 participated in the employment training, the training has invited Qiandongnan state employment bureau chief Luo entrepreneurship as speaker of the meeting, employment guidance and training, business matters, employment situation and other issues with the participants of the the exchange, the atmosphere is very harmonious. The students have said that the training so that they benefit, to help them adjust the employment mentality, establish a correct concept of entrepreneurship, employment concept, recognize their career orientation. Further dialysis of the business process of the masses, and guide the masses from passive employment to active employment, the first step into the successful employment, efforts to promote entrepreneurship.

for such a number of state and government land acquisition by farmers who, they should actively promote the re employment and entrepreneurship, some training courses of entrepreneurship and employment of them can help them go on living track timely.


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