2012 orchid industry contains huge business opportunities

flowers can edify sentiment, also can get rich, which you have to seize opportunities, 2012 orchid there is a huge business opportunities, you see? The morning of October 29, 2011, the academic activities in the eighth session of the Zhongshan Association for science and Technology Week forum held in the science and Technology Museum, orchid Dean Professor Chen Xinqi told the "orchid orchid lovers and our life".

after retirement Chen Xinqi and his wife together still engaged in the orchid cultivation, books etc.. "There are fragrant and colorless, colored and fragrant", this is the orchid character, "elegant, quiet orchid, long fragrance, very much in line with the Chinese aesthetic, is our country traditional flower.

orchid as an ornamental flower, since ancient times people will give it a lot of meaning, celebrities very highly of it, known as the flower of the gentleman. "In the past are rich people, literati play more, now we want to make these orchids into the homes of ordinary people, so that people can enjoy the elegant orchid, was obtained from blue, blue goods in.


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