Southern glutinous rice cake to join the introduction of the six major support

we all know we usually eat cake are flour as the main material processed bakery food, taste is very popular with consumers love, but today Xiaobian to tell you to do Oh glutinous rice cake, you are not shocked. Yes, this is the latest Jiangnan glutinous rice cake brand.


selects the high quality glutinous rice, glutinous rice cake egg, vegetable oil and other raw materials, made out of pure taste, fragrant and refreshing, delicate taste, let people lead a person to endless aftertastes. In the training, we will one teach students how to operate, from raw material purchase, the proportion of collocation, to pulping, operating skills of the oven, to ensure that students can make excellent aroma and taste of the Jiangnan glutinous rice cake;

second, we will put the formula for the student, teaching how to live according to the proportion of ingredients, and guide the student to go back to the procurement requirements in accordance with the formula ingredients; finally, we will tell the students to set up shop assistant tool and store location, propaganda, business promotion strategies, let students easily shop.

Jiangnan glutinous rice cake to join the six strong support to help shop

join glutinous rice cake six strong support to help you occupy the market.

(South) glutinous rice cake image support:

authorized franchisees to use the free use of the brand, including the image of the first series of VI design, providing decorative guidance to help you create a classic fashion food.

(two) Jiangnan glutinous rice cake business support;

provides business solutions and promotional programs for the franchise, which open the door down to fame. In addition, the headquarters also joined the business to prepare a wealth of opening gifts, affordable, surprise.

(three) Jiangnan glutinous rice cake product support:

The headquarters of the

perennial provide the core secret ingredients, but also the development of new varieties is not regular, to meet changing consumer demand, fully grasp the psychological changes of consumers, to ensure that the franchisee has the absolute advantage in the market competition.

(four) Southern glutinous rice cake training support

During the

Jiangnan glutinous rice cake for the franchisee to provide free technical training, training, Baochibaozhu, learning scene, the teacher hands real guidance, join the hands-on teaching packages, learn so far, for each franchisee training plan, flexible teaching methods, combined with the technical formula manual, simple easy to learn, easy to shop.

(five) Jiangnan glutinous rice cake >