The city must meet what conditions to join snakehead pot

city is more snakehead franchise famous hot pot catering industry, since its inception in 2006 to the present development for ten years, can continue to operate such a long time the restaurant, is undoubtedly a success, as the flagship brand to blackfish pot more we advocate "Gu Yuewen, the new interpretation of" the city! Yue, from the "snakehead physicalquot story. King Goujian was defeated, hardships, mentally and physically exhausted. Minister Li offered Qian Tang king "snakehead", blackfish cooking pot, excellent meat quality, delicious nourishing! Yue love are not released, the hundred days in the physical; more often eat fish, toronto.

is what city snakehead pot?

more fish, from spread, more City Catering Management Co., Ltd. was founded in June 2006, adhering to the concept of ancient traditional delicacy of health, with the improvement of modern craft technique secret, only a more fish pot. The city recorded by Wu Yue with Frank Jianqi with a whisper of warmth, and Chinese food delicacy market become an independent school


pioneering and enterprising people in more joy, ambitious: strive to A fighting spirit soars aloft., in 20 years, built 1000 stores, China into the top 500 private enterprises, so that the Chinese diet culture carry forward more, go abroad, to the world. For a better tomorrow, the city people to work harder, breaking days of hard work, by virtue of their great impact force, fly higher and farther over a wider sky!

such a good franchise brand how to join? Are there any restrictions on investment?

We need more fish pot to join

meet the following four conditions:

condition 1:

an organization or individual with independent civil liability.

condition 2:

has a suitable place of business, there is a certain start-up capital and liquidity.

condition 3:

must be the direct operator and manager of the store, can participate in the management of the company, and timely feedback the market information.

condition 4:

loyal to maintain the brand image of the brand, the willingness to operate for a long time.

if you meet the above conditions, and would like to join the idea, then please leave a message below our website! See the message we will contact you at the first time!