Yang Xiaoxian dessert shop

market dessert investment brand many choose what brand is better? Xiao Bian think Yang Xiaoxian dessert shop is very good. "Yang Xiaoxian" brand highlights the "pure hand to create a healthy dessert," the characteristics, will be derived from the middle of the last century, Taiwan’s traditional dessert craft and the ingenious combination of modern technology to promote the market. Store brands adopt the fresh design style, warm home dining together with a scientific and reasonable way of sale counter, full of young, happy, leisure mood, is dating couples, friends, places of choice leisure consumption, store image art fresh atmosphere, light and warm, let a person feel good to hear or see, from the visual psychology on.

Yang Xiaoxian dessert shop how to join? What are the advantages? See the following details:

Yang Xiaoxian dessert store to join the advantages of

"Yang Xiaoxian" has two core brand values: health and pure handmade. To select the superior, natural and healthy ingredients, additives, preservatives, pigment rebuffed plasticizer and endanger human body material.

"Yang Xiaoxian" to use the most fresh, the best raw materials, in the present day, cooking, sale.

"Yang Xiaoxian" adhere to the best quality products, continuous innovation and development, make the products more diverse, ages, seasons.

"Yang Xiaoxian" product

super mango ice

super mango Mein mein ice store is the flagship product, "Yang Xiaoxian" Mein mein ice with ice cream, is pure Handmade, to keep the fresh mango fresh, without any preservatives, zero pollution, zero added, to the unique planing system, the Mein mein ice delicate, soft dense, that is the entrance, taste great, on the surface with pure milk, with fresh mango and let the light Niu Naixiang perfect, into the mouth, cool and refreshing.

delicious grass

"Yang Xiaoxian" Immortality class dessert is also the main store, is also a manual Mesona boiled, Q shells tender, sweet grass will, joys, cool, play the most incisive.

Yang Xiaoxian dessert store process

1, to understand the Yang Xiaoxian join information

2, fill in the "Yang Xiaoxian dessert join application form"

3, "Yang Xiaoxian" on the basis of material review, interview details

4, signed a franchise agreement, delivery to join gold