17 year old girl worth over ten million business

teenager, we are still in the protection of the family to go to school, but some people began to start at the age of 15, 17 years old has been worth over ten million, and the story of the hero is a little girl, is not very admirable!

15 started   16 years old; founded in Shenzhen   company; half the time of personal assets has exceeded ten million   plan to study abroad before the age of 20, 17 year old Xi’an girl Wang Kai Xin, a company founded in Shenzhen, Beijing in January 14th to participate in a business show win all the investor, to 60 million yuan valuation, got 15 million yuan of financing for the company’s business platform, known as the "overbearing female president".

was the space middle school students "achievement but the idea of novelty"

the school said in the article: Wang Kaixin school cheerful personality, a boy’s character personal independence of conduct. When the learning achievement is now growing billion market capitalization of the president, and her bold new ideas, and even some "willful" devotion, these qualities in air in loose, inclusive, pay attention to quality education, the educational environment in root. Yesterday, the middle school a teacher said, Wang Kaixin junior high school in the school, high school drop out of school, the school is also just know the achievements of Wang Kaixin, for her pride and joy.

Don’t love


17 year old girl Wang Kaixin successful financing, several domestic media coverage. It is understood that she founded the business platform main face 95 and 00, in reality, her ability to dissolve the fashionable dress, smooth thinking, excellent performance, in the face of sharp problems superb, won the unanimous approval of the investment chiefs.

why in the eleventh grade, decided to drop out of business? Wang Kaixin said, do not suggest that you learn from her, reading, learning is very important. She has been admitted to an international business school to learn CEO courses, plans to study abroad before the age of 20, continue to study business.