Cosmetics shop selling skills Raiders must see

to There are plenty of people who cosmetics store, but it can really put the cosmetics store is not much bigger and stronger. Cosmetics store in order to develop, sales of products is very critical. So for the cosmetics store owner, need to know what cosmetics sales skills? Let’s take a look.

often see such a scene in the chain of cosmetics stores, customers have darker skin spots, to Cleansing Cream. Shop assistants are often said to sell their own products whitening effect is very good. Obviously this Sales unreasonable, even if the customer is to buy a facial cleanser with a few days later will be far from their expectations and complaints, leaving the customer is the feeling of being cheated.

when purchase Cleansing Cream, will first determine the condition of the skin is oily, dry or mixed type, and for your skin Cleansing Cream you recommend, the focus will be introduced Cleansing Cream cleaning effect and feeling, but when you pay the bill after they will tell you the Cleansing Cream very suitable for your skin, but this series of water emulsion or collocation effect will be better. This will produce two results: you will then buy this bottle of water or lotion; you will not consume only buy facial cleanser;


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