How much money can open a mobile phone shop

shop is the cost, this is a truth that everyone knows, and the operation of different products, the cost will naturally be different. So, how much money can open a cell phone store? And let Xiaobian bring you a slow analysis.

is a mobile phone repair shop, the cost is not high, mobile phone repair technology is necessary, this need not say much, then consider that the shop location and purchase channels, typically having a mobile phone repair shop if 6 and 70 thousand can fix. So how much of these 6, how much should be spent to buy the equipment of the 70 thousand?

1, a typhoon gun: the price of 260 ~ 300 yuan can be.

2, a price of about 260 iron: temperature control.

3, a common iron: the price of 35 yuan (some place precision welding).

4, solder tin: there are different types, with a bottle of solder ball is about 80 yuan, and tin about 10 ~ 50 yuan a piece, a set a.

5, screwdriver, tweezers, tin belt, flux, pliers, magnifying glass and other small accessories: various types of models add up to about 1000 yuan.

6, a computer: the general choice of 3000 yuan or so, mobile phone repair shops need to brush machine is necessary.

7, BGA welding machine: 8000 yuan is better. (South Bridge, computer repair shop in Beiqiao, CPU).

8, oscilloscope: about 1600 yuan.

9, regulated power supply: 280 ~ 600 yuan can be.

10, there are also some accessories, of course, you can choose according to need to purchase.

from the name of these devices we can see that if you want to successfully operate a mobile phone shop, but also need to prepare more equipment products. Moreover, you want to phone shop business is more prosperous, but also need to master the phone repair technology oh.