Xiamen future direction of the wisdom of the energy industry favored

follow the pace of the era of continuous progress, the development of market demand for the product, the enterprise can be better based on the current market, the wisdom of the energy industry favored. The day before, the Central Plains Culture Promotion Association, Xiamen City, Fujian Province, the honorary president of Pingdingshan chamber of Commerce Zhu Yuling visited the president of the chamber of Commerce unit far surplus technology group, to understand the development of enterprises. Group leader, Li Fei, executive director of the Central Plains Culture Promotion Association, Xiamen, the company is committed to creating the world’s leading smart energy platform.

smart energy is the depth of cloud computing, big data, networking and mobile Internet and other information technology and energy systems integration, so that energy industry companies in the Internet era of energy business transformation and innovation.

the future direction of development of Xiamen, we can see through the above reports, Xiamen as a modern international metropolis, followed by the development needs of the market, and vigorously develop the wisdom of the energy industry. In February 29, 2016, the NDRC Energy Bureau, the Ministry of industry jointly issued "on the" Internet plus wisdom "energy development guidance", the development prospects of the smart energy industry have been highly recognized, far Ying’s goal is to promote the country, accelerate the development of smart energy industry.

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