What is the name of the Taobao children’s clothing store

named to the shop, which is very important for the store, but if you can master the relevant skills, the name of the work can become easy. However, in addition to master the relevant skills, but also need to comply with the relevant principles, so as to ensure that such a name for the development of the shop has a better role. So, Taobao children’s clothing store named principle?

first, don’t take meaningless names. Taobao children’s clothing store name taboo people scratching their heads, such as the combination of letters, or imitate the name of another person to change the phenomenon of a word. These are not sensible choices.

second, do not use shengpizi. Taobao children’s clothing shop name shall be legible, memorable, catchy, do not use partial words, words, words. The name is the best way to promote their own, if the customer wants to recommend a shop to a friend, but because do not know the word and called out the name, but also a loss for sellers.

third, should not be arbitrarily renamed. Frequent replacement name will cause a bad impression of the store is not stable, business problems to people. So it is best to start with a Taobao children’s clothing store name, do not change.

to shop for a name was actually a lot of time as we are to name their children, once identified, rarely will often go to transform, so that a start should be considered complete, so as to make the business of the shop to get further development. So, if you want to give Taobao children’s clothing shop name, know what kind of principle to abide by it?