Help entrepreneurship college students full analysis of business loans

college students interest free loans, is to encourage college graduates to start their own businesses and the establishment of a loan. For entrepreneurs themselves is interest free, relative to the bank is interest, but the state in order to encourage entrepreneurship to promote employment introduced the relevant policies, interest only by financial subsidies.

application conditions

1, identification;

2, students need to provide student ID card, transcripts;

3, graduate students have to provide graduation certificate, degree certificate;

4, commonly used passbook or bank card in the past 6 months reconciliation list;

5 and other credit certificate: Scholarship certificate, class cadre certificate, community activities, a variety of honor / return society certificate such as blood donation, Yiwuzhijiao etc..

6, to see if the students have any bad record.

7, college graduate or above;

8, after graduation for more than 6 months of employment, and in the local labor and social security departments for unemployment registration.

with the above conditions can apply to the bank, you need to provide information for include: proof of marital status, personal or family income and property status and repayment ability of documents; contract agreement, loan applications; collateral, collateral or pledge relates to the ownership certificate and list issued by the bank. Recognized assessment department against (quality) and property valuation report. In addition to the written material is to have collateral. Mortgage more, can be real estate, real estate mortgage, mortgage certificates of deposit, pledge of securities, the liquidity of the real estate pledge, in accordance with the requirements of the guarantor guarantees. The amount of payment on the basis of specific security decisions.

detailed processCollege graduates

1, apply for the establishment of an individual business registration, shall apply to the registration authority issued by the college awarded the "diploma", personal identity card, issued by competent departments and provincial employment of college graduates "National College of the college graduates employment report card" or "national graduate employment report card" (hereinafter referred to as the "report card");

2, the registration authority to verify the accuracy, registration formalities in accordance with the law, and in the "report card" indicated on the registration time, registration authority with seal to me, in the "individual business license" operator name marked "college graduates"; < / p>

3, "by college graduates individual business license" from the relevant charges.

lending requirements

State University graduates to provide small business loans are government subsidized loans, the period of 1 to 2 years, 2 years later, no longer enjoy financial discount. Venture capital loan