Luoyang to promote public entrepreneurship peoples innovation double construction

on the end of the month, Premier Li Keqiang pointed out in Henan to conduct research in Luoyang, China’s economic development must rely on innovation to drive. Entrepreneurial innovation has become the whole society is now extremely important way to get rich, greatly enhance the enthusiasm of entrepreneurs.

15 PM, Luoyang city public entrepreneurship peoples will be held to promote the work of innovation. The meeting further study and implement the important speech of prime minister Li Keqiang and the spirit of the instructions, I review the "double" work, the deployment of the next step, unite the city’s people’s wisdom and strength, struggling to create a new situation in public entrepreneurship peoples innovation, promote the city "double" walk in the forefront of the province, to speed up the construction of the worthy of the name deputy center of the Central Plains Economic Zone City to add new impetus, make new contributions.