Shenzhen girls sell hundreds of copies of online monthly orders

The Qixi Festival

coming soon, many boys began to pick holiday gifts for his girlfriend on the Internet, many Internet users at the jewelry, but on the Internet to buy jewelry or some not trust, but a Shenzhen girl was in line to buy jewelry and a big success.

in online shopping, most people will not buy more than 200 yuan of goods, because of the fear of being cheated, but Shenzhen girl Lou Lidan was in the online selling less thousands of yuan, more than 10 million pieces of jewellery. Relying on high price, sincere communication, perfect customer service and personalized service, a short span of two or three years, Lou Illidan one month from the original only two or three single business, until now there are more than and 100 orders per month.

"in the online shopping experience to deceive the news can be heard without end today, little Lou why can get the trust? How did she start selling jewelry online? Recently, in a deep south side of the teahouse, Lou Illidan and I chatted her in online shopping and later business stories.

2002, twenty early Lou Illidan came to Shenzhen from his hometown of Henan, in a public school when the temporary appointment of teachers, and later become employees. In 2006, Xiao Lou was married, and his wife grew up together. Although the two are working in Shenzhen, but not much savings, add up to only a million dollars. Like most girls, little Lou want a wedding ring, but the market price of diamond ring staggering, let her be beyond the means of.

to Xiao Lou heard online shopping is cheap, can search the Internet, a 13 point diamond pick, as long as 999 yuan, is 1/3 of the price of the jewelry store. The original online and physical store jewelry price gap is so big ah! Little Lou found business opportunities.