A new model of financial development in Henan to build the homes of citizens online

with the progress of the times, our material life has been significantly improved, but in order to further develop the economy, it is necessary to break through the limitations of the original economic system. Anyang City, Henan province to build the online public house, the financial service system with the construction of the Anyang branch of the Bank of China, in the optimization and reengineering of the service process, the integration of the upgrade service platform, through data barriers, strengthen the system and information security protection, to explore the unique for the convenience of the road, in the country’s first "new fusion the development mode of Internet plus CS + finance", open a new space service.

from the "stationed in a building" to "move into a network". November 2014, the Anyang municipal administrative service center upgraded version – the citizens of the home built enabled. People’s homes administrative examination and approval, public resources transactions, convenience services, political interaction, efficiency supervision, comprehensive display of the city, such as the six platforms in one. In the public house building, enterprises and citizens can apply for 65 units of more than 600 government services matters. The implementation of the administrative examination and approval of one-stop service, convenient service matters one-stop banjie.

Anyang did not take one-stop service as the end of government services. With the rise of "Internet plus", online government services are more and more people demand "schedule Internet plus government services provided on the Anyang municipal government. On the basis of the Anyang people’s home, the online citizen home in Anyang.

from offline to online, Anyang to optimize the service process reengineering. Anyang City, the spirit of "should do, give priority to the people’s livelihood, the advancing line" principle, to create online public house". At present, the entity public house has completed the construction of standardization system, including 977 standard issued by the "Anyang city administrative service center" service standards, standardized training for all staff, for the online public house business collaboration, provide no difference, have all laid the foundation for government services.

online citizen home platform has been basically achieved full function on-line and real-time online monitoring. In the administrative service section, settled 48 units have 43 open online service, stationed in the project on-line rate of 83.5%; 565 in all matters of power to achieve a list of online display, of which 472 items online examination, 484 items online booking service, 344 items are online for the entire process, 38 items of opening the online payment function, 24 items of the opening material declaration mailing services, the mayor’s hotline, mayor mailbox, online interview has moved all online, so that online and offline services seamlessly, one through the office.

The citizens of

or business matters in the public house or online public house, a system of online public offer to the public or enterprise data sharing matters involving multiple departments jointly implement parallel processing and process monitoring, limited period. Recommended