80 after the best the world’s five largest nternet 80 CEO

80 is a rising generation, the mainstay role in entrepreneurial market. And some excellent 80 is a lot of points after 80, maybe you do not know, the world’s five largest Internet CEO was all 80, which is certainly not a coincidence.

Groupon was founded in 2008, since then began to develop rapidly, and even become the fastest ever to achieve $1 billion valuation of enterprises. It is reported that Groupon2011 is expected to achieve $2 billion in revenue. Google has spent $6 billion acquisition of the company, but was rejected. Andrew has undoubtedly changed the way people buy goods, but also changed the way the enterprise marketing.

aris and Horton in 2003 co founded iContact, hope to help small businesses to better manage e-mail marketing strategy. The company initially only through Google AdWords promotion, now has 6.3 customers. In August 2010, iContact received a new round of 40 recommended