Chinese entrepreneurs commercial football team lineup Ma captain Wang Jianlin coach

World Cup 32 teams gathered like a raging fire, South America, for a time, the other side of the ocean into the Brazil fans all over the world the most desirable places. The Chinese and Brazil across the sea, a large dial China fans devout mouth roast wings, holding beer. In the meantime, there is a bold imagination, if Ma Yun, Xu Jiayin and other well-known entrepreneurs to form a commercial football team in China, will inevitably go against. Then, the crooked this team is what kind?

back Wang Shi   Lu Guanqiu   Liu Chuanzhi   Ren Zhengfei

relative to the front, back in the lineup to sound based, relatively large overall age. As an entrepreneur, national team fullback, Wang Shi is strong, he led the annual ranking Chinese Vanke Real Estate top. Like Lu Guanqiu, Liu Chuanzhi is also the presence of Chinese entrepreneurs in the fossil level, but still active in the first line, full of energy. In the position of the defender, Liu Chuanzhi and Lu Guanqiu partner, like an iron gate, stable and more……

goalkeeper: Liang Wengen

With the steady development of

Coach: Wang Jianlin