The new development Zhongguancun West accelerated tenglonghuanniao turned double community

Zhongguancun as a science and Technology entrepreneurial base, bringing a lot of entrepreneurial opportunities, but also in the continuous development of innovation, entrepreneurs should always pay attention to the development of information. Recently, the Zhongguancun West accelerated "tenglonghuanniao" turned double community, hotels, electronic stores exit, financial technology companies settled.

also located south of the business street land Garden Hotel completed last year to vacate, Yajian commercial area of 15 thousand square meters. After the completion of the renovation, the building will be transformed into a passenger space for the development of small and medium business services.

by the Haidian book city street of Zhongguancun Venture Street, adjacent to the garage and coffee Xin Ding hotel also in the last curtain call. Hotel Teng exit 4800 square meters area, will be integrated into the garage cafe, to create a business space, the expansion of entrepreneurial service chain.

once famous Zhongguancun electronic stores business area for further compression. "In 2015, tophere, dragon and other electronic stores to vacate the total business area of 15 thousand and 600 square meters, alleviate the population of nearly 1000 people." Zhongguancun West office relevant person in charge.

implementation "tenglonghuanniao", elements of innovation and entrepreneurship gathered in Zhongguancun further west. At present, only in Zhongguancun Venture Street was already 3W coffee, 36 krypton, 40 new Yajie chamber of commerce business services, forming a covering new entrepreneurship ecosystem early office, investment and financing, business training and other services.

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