When the dog killed by corgi dog owners turned out to be their own boss

The boss of

, daughter of the corgi dog was killed when the staff, will also be cooked and ate. According to the boss said the corgi dog killed the pure blood, employees have been arrested for theft, help the dog and eat another two employees dismissed.

2 14, a lost dog caused a great disturbance in the country in a steel mill. Ad: I wrote on the evening of February 13th lost a corgi dog, eager, well intentioned people see hope to contact, a reward of 8000 yuan, to provide effective clues, reward 1000 yuan.

ad issued soon, Mr. Wang received a phone call in late February 13th, workers, he saw in a dormitory Zhang in the toilet, killed a dog in a toilet, and back to the dormitory. The dog’s appearance and the lost dog dog is like, but Zhang and Mr. Wang lost dog dog time time is near. Mr. Wang came to Zhang hang up the phone immediately after the dormitory, see the ground is a hair, with hair knife. Mr. Wang will live in the dormitory of three workers to the police station.

2 16, Mr. Wang bought the dog’s father, the mother of the dog’s pedigree proved to be sent to the police station. Mr. Wang said that he would give Pembrokes daughter and son-in-law, they are also very fond of this puppy, daily care.

the police station police, Zhang suspicion of theft, by the Copper Mt. District Public Security Bureau bail. The remaining two workers have been expelled from Mr. wang.

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