Mobile nternet industry is not a good choice for Entrepreneurship

for mobile Internet, the virtual world, with the development of society, has become an indispensable part of daily life, many investors have to look into here, but this small series have warned: Mobile Internet business is not a good choice!


and now to App for the mobile Internet era, the situation is completely different, you have money to obtain the user, flow up, flow realized how? Flow down to the advertisement? Mobile phone screen is too small, hundreds of millions of users of sina micro-blog mobile phone client every day only one banner advertising position. Pour traffic to the game, now the game on the phone to App online games, users need to download the page after the jump to play App, the conversion rate is a reasonable thing.

flow down to the electricity supplier? Now Jingdong, Taobao, where customers are in the development of mobile phone App client, mobile phone browser page mobile phone website shopping card in the payment of this link based on the mobile phone because the Security page is too poor to pay by mobile phone users a page to jump a lot of pages, which greatly hindered its development.

since advertising, games, electricity providers that mobile Internet revenue three carriages are baffled by traffic, App download fees and not to earn money, most of the mobile Internet entrepreneurs certainly live very well. To have tens of millions of users unfamiliar street, for example, it will make money