What are the popular brand energy saving projects concern

properly used jewelry, will play a great role. Now there are a lot of jewelry products, how do you choose the most suitable for their own brand? Today, a small series of integration of the advantages of several popular jewelry brands, so that you know more about jewelry.

1 and V6


V6 silver silver in popular international fashion as shining. Asian and Chinese in Shenzhen as its Asia Marketing Center, a short period of time, with its novel and unique style by many fashionable women of all ages, with her very sense of metal silver color to "luxury beauty" and "charm poison wine red color, breaking the traditional silver tone single situation. To a proper extent her style and depth, which is both charming and simple, warm feeling and intoxicating charm. With her female distinctive seasons dress collocation needs as the starting point, and insight into the urban women dress individual needs, to create a leisurely unique, different styles of art, with her simple, sexy, her reason for her illusion feeling and fashion trends, and with silver and fashion is an important step, V6 silver proud.

2, silver


Corsair silver to operate the popular jewelry chain is known, domestic silverware designer. The pirate ship with 925 silver silver and all kinds of natural precious and semi precious stones as the main material, from design, production to sales, all from the pirate ship directly to the headquarters management, ensure the quality of products. Its personalized design, complete variety of styles, considerate and perfect after-sales service and integrity of the business philosophy, has been respected by consumers, and renowned industry. There are earrings, earrings, necklaces, earrings, ear line, collar, waist chain, bracelet, bracelet, anklet, armbands, rings, brooches, pendants and other products development.

3, silversmith

4, tiffany silver