Partnership business taboo five

is a high risk due to entrepreneurial choice, many people worry that it is prone to failure, often choose to do business with a partner. However, there are a lot of business partners need to pay attention to the place, or if there is a problem, more trouble than a separate venture. What is the most taboo business partner?

two avoid agreement. Hasty partnership. Many laid-off workers lack of legal awareness, in partnership with business, loyalty to work, what is spoken about, did not think of the agreement. Therefore, the distribution of earnings, the partner debt undertaking, withdrawal, the disintegration of the partnership property distribution have no provisions, easy disputes.

avoid accounts is unclear, incomplete procedures. The partnership must be open accounts, easy to supervise each other, because they do not understand the accounting knowledge, often resulting in unclear accounts, resulting in mutual distrust of partners. Zhao and Lee partnership into a supermarket, every day, shipping accounts are negotiated by Zhao zhang. But Zhao has been engaged in mechanical finishing work in the unit, has not been exposed to financial. Therefore, Zhao do accounts is very confusing, often appear omission, count less revenue, caused Lee’s suspicion, less than half the time, the two sides broke up.

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