Entrepreneurs should correctly understand the investment

a lot of entrepreneurs with ideas, energy, a lot of hard work, but the investment didn’t understand, although efforts, but also did not get good results at last venture, which requires entrepreneurs to invest in the right view!

their hard founded by investors to eat such a thing is really happened. So in the beginning of contact with investors, entrepreneurs should set the bottom line with investors. Don’t sell out your own interests and rights in order to get money.

here will first talk about the transfer of shares and attract capital is different, the former is in the capital before each other for their own interests, and the latter, the entrepreneur is active, not to attract investment, we have 100% of the shares, now I only transfer a little bit, attracting some money to work rather than for. The investors, entrepreneurs must be able to fully realize, especially in negotiation, the bottom line is not too low, not easy to be broken.

start before a lot of things, entrepreneurs should be considerate, hope you can success, refueling!

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