Do you have a high profit in office supplies

no matter what reason we embark on such a path of entrepreneurship, we have no way not to think about the profit situation. So, when we decide to invest in what kind of business, it is necessary to see how the profits. So, open a shop supplies high profits? Let’s have a simple understanding.

office supplies shop decoration

office supplies shop to be concise, simple, clean, product quality is better, the price is right.

office supplies store

office supplies stores a lot of channels, if you do not open the shop, you can go to the local office supplies wholesale market, or look at the wholesale store. But most of them are from Guangzhou office supplies wholesale market. Of course, you can also choose to purchase online, landing your favorite brand official * website, contact customer service agents to ask the information, remember to ask the question from the bottom, do not ask from the bottom up.

office supplies store profit

want to invest money and money is not so abundant small office supplies store general investment is relatively small, such as a 30 square meters of office supplies stores, including renovation, including the estimated investment of 25 thousand yuan can be. Because stationery will not deteriorate, the investment is small, so the risk is not great. Generally speaking, open an office supplies store, this store is very high profits, can reach 100% or more, as long as the monthly turnover reached $4000, will not lose money.

if you intend to invest in a wholesale office supplies, then the investment is relatively large. The main investment in opening a wholesale office supplies is a large amount of money and liquidity.

a medium-sized office supplies wholesale store about to invest about 500 thousand, office supplies wholesale store retail profit is not high, about between 10% to 20%.

open an office supplies distribution shop between retail and wholesale, the most important thing is to find a stable customer. About 100 thousand yuan can open a shop based on the distribution, so that the opening of an office supplies store revenue is also between wholesale and retail.

office supplies are very broad, different business models will have different forms of the store, in short, the entire office supplies market is still very attractive profits, it is worth the operators have. So, depending on the profits of the industry described above, if you are now investing in a business office supplies, will help you make money?