Franchisee should be how to stabilize the old customers

once took the merchants of the road, then for the franchisee, one of the biggest advantage is that the market has been opened, many old customers have in your business area, as long as these old customers to stabilize, then your business will be very good, but the key is how to to these old customers?

A, the old customer service consciousness

the old customer refers to the products and services are already familiar with and used in enterprises, and in different degree of enterprises, products or sales staff have confidence, use and continuous buy people. The customer is an ordinary person, buy Textile 95% of customers are women, you can really move people, to win the trust of customers. At the same time also should always bear in mind that the franchisee is the seller, create sales performance is the bounden duty.

The establishment of

two, effective customer file

three, the daily maintenance of

in sales in the course of daily, and repeatedly reminded to adhere to the shopping guide to the customer service focus on customer satisfaction, often to discuss, give examples of study and discussion.

four, establish effective short message