Entrepreneurs can not ignore the 8 types of legal risks

entrepreneurs hard earned a career, but found the enterprise into a legal dispute, the exhausted himself even cost money. This is because the initial venture did not attach importance to the relevant legal risks, hidden dangers for the future.

2014 years, Jingdong and Ali listed, China set off the climax of the mobile Internet business, all walks of life to O2O". The entrepreneurial team fought, entrepreneurial passion is wavewave, but the business is not a trifling matter, entrepreneurial projects can start, is the first step, but can go to the end, very rare. Entrepreneurial failure, many aspects of the project and the team is the reason, but the root cause is often legal risk.

in the developed countries, the law and finance is the enterprise survival and development of the left shoulder and right side. Enterprise legal risk prevention and management consciousness is generally high. In the entrepreneurial team members are generally young, relatively low social experience and legal knowledge of the case, from the beginning of the business, you must pay attention to the legal risk management.

Z. Now, according to their own legal service experience, summarizes some common legal risks for the entrepreneurial process, for your reference, welcome criticism and corrections.

1, the legitimacy of venture project.

Z lawyer notes that many projects are doomed from the start. For example, the use of APP to help users credit card cash, net loan platform to absorb deposits, etc.. I said so, we may understand, but in practice, the entrepreneurial team is often the first to consider financing, how to do bigger and stronger, but the project is not illegal or even criminal, can get legal protection.

2, entrepreneurial team members have labor rights restrictions.

3, the partnership agreement (the shareholders’ agreement, the articles of association) must be as detailed as possible.

Z lawyers have seen the entrepreneurial team think are friends, classmates, brothers, the first to do the project again, there is no concept of a partnership agreement, which is likely to be between days after lay hidden. Just imagine, in good condition, can not talk about the partnership agreement, in the event of conflict situations, how can talk about the partnership agreement? At the same time, the partnership agreement between the partners not only protect the rights and obligations, the more important is to protect the healthy and orderly project. The partnership agreement must to the project positioning, development planning, division of labor, equity arrangements, rights and obligations, bear the loss of a partner and recommended