Mount Huangshan Shexian to reduce the threshold for small business loans

Mount Huangshan, Shexian this year launched a new lending policy to help businesses reduce the difficulty of financing. The new regulations to expand the scope of the application of small business secured loans, and further reduce the threshold for the application, the highest individual can apply for 100 thousand yuan venture loans.

the county to expand small business loans application scope, clear: where within the legal working age, have entrepreneurial aspirations and entrepreneurial conditions of urban and rural laborers, no bad credit records, no commercial loans in the loan balance of the loan officers may propose to apply.

the county to improve the loan amount, to provide financial support for entrepreneurs, eligible applicants can apply for the amount of up to $100 thousand in venture project of personal business loans; in accordance with the provisions of labor intensive enterprises in the highest loan 2 million yuan; with that economic entity of the legal representative or executive partner organization conditions it’s application for employment and entrepreneurship organized employment, the maximum loan of 500 thousand yuan, the maximum loan period does not exceed 2 years.

the county small business loans application to broaden the channels and simplify work processes. Meet the conditions of the lender to township of human resources and social security platform or to the county Employment Bureau to apply, financial institutions can also recommend qualified loans directly to the county employment administration, and according to the individual application, the county people club, finance, audit, Guarantee corporation handling bank timely process to be more clear fast, accurate audit, loan, to further improve the efficiency of the declaration.

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