How to open a store in casserole

how to open a casserole stores? Today, the market is a variety of food and beverage items, you want to be more competitive, we should attach importance to the project. Today, we will try to understand how to open a store in casserole.

choose brand

shop store

casserole shop should choose the resident population more places! The best surrounding units, communities, schools, started the business in order to control the investment risk, investors are advised to choose 400 square meters of the store, the best choice has opened the hotel store, this kind of investment will be much less in the decoration. Small business good Gaga casserole shop but also because the company headquarters will provide franchisees choose a piece of Feng Shui, Paul you no worries! In addition, Gaga catering Investment Co. Ltd. will according to the consumer market survey for the franchisee will find a location on the same area of the same type of store, the full range of store service.

on early publicity

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