Anhui to create a public space to create innovative public Entrepreneurship

the current public entrepreneurship is not just a slogan of the society, also become the one thing people are actively exploring, in many places, is now in the practice of public innovation seriously.

in March this year, the State Council issued the "guidance" on the development of the public record of space propulsion public entrepreneurship, determined to support the development of the public record space policy measures, to build a new platform for innovation and entrepreneurship. Anhui Province, actively respond to the central decision-making arrangements, attaches great importance to the public business, ecological environment construction innovation ", relying on universities, enterprises, business incubators, investment institutions to cultivate a number of novel patterns and shapes of the public record space, provide a good working space, for the majority of Entrepreneurs Network Innovation space, social space and resources sharing space, investment promotion, training and coaching, roadshow exchanges and other value-added services, to provide investment docking and supply chain production support, incubation and investment to achieve innovation and entrepreneurship, online and offline, the combination of integrated services provide open and low cost, convenience, total factor for small micro innovation growth of enterprises and individual entrepreneurship. The day before, the particle space, WM multi-creation wisdom Valley, eighteen fusion field, DreamWorks, 5F hit Hefei coffee, Wuhu Yangtze River 6 shark multi-creation space, new approved as the national science and technology business incubator.