Adsense network broadcast Network letter office off 32 illegal website Shanda the rapid decline of

1 Net letter office to close the 32 sites are involved in illegal network extortion and paid delete posts  

in March 4th, the state Internet Information Office announced recently shut down in accordance with the law "and" net "spot trading rights" and other 32 sites list. This is the national network information office, the Ministry of public security, press and Publication Administration jointly launched the "network extortion and delete posts paid" special rectification work, the competent department according to the masses of the first batch of illegal websites shut down.


shut down 32 websites are "vegetable net", "spot trading rights", "94 news", "China wedding photography", "business information network", "the other side", "112 military network", "Sun Yi", "beautiful women net", "57 nets", "holiday arrangements", "energy-saving" and "thunder military network", "Kashi River", "sent", "happy train network", "delete draft" and "Tianjin taxi network", "military CEO network", "888 hele customer service website", "company", "information network", "Fujian health network", "Suzhou information network", "Jiang Hong forging machinery", "polite network", "urban community forum first" and "winning network", "Anhui life net", "Hefei information network" "Fair net", "people’s livelihood".

2 Ali past secret: behind the scenes manipulator from Taiwan  

You should have heard of

, as employees of the Alibaba in the company can enjoy to talk about Ma but not talk about a person, because that person is "sensitive", he is the Alibaba behind trader, executive vice chairman of the board of directors Cai Chongxin. He is a taiwanese.

as long as there is a place for Ma Yun, he will be standing next to the meeting, even when the seat next to Ma Yun must be his.

3 Tencent to build drones! Price 5999 yuan, is expected at the beginning of the May sale of  


day before, there are multiple sources, Tencent mutual entertainment business group relevant responsible person said, Tencent and nine cooperation in science and Technology launched a four rotor UAV, is currently in the prototype testing phase. The UAV is expected for the price of 5999 yuan, at the beginning of May will be landing in the Jingdong, the follow-up will be on sale online channels.

It is reported that the Tencent

, UAV partners had been doing military UAV nine technology, the cooperation mode for nine technology for technology, the Tencent responsible for the promotion of.

4 grand, giant and other rapid decline, depth analysis of the Internet industry in Shanghai why sink?

once, why can not get out of Shanghai’s fiery discussion for a while, which represents the hope that the development of the Internet in Shanghai hope. However, over the past 8 years, not only did not appear in Shanghai Ma, the entire Internet industry development instead