Redefining Innovation in Education for Primary School Kids

first_imgPrimary education aims to lay the foundation for the development of children. Along with academics, they teach students to grow and develop social skills, behaviour, personality, explore their interests, and harness their creativity. The 11th President of India, Dr A. P. J. Abdul Kalam once said: “Creativity is the key to success, and primary education is where teachers can bring creativity in children at that level”. Thus, one can say that primary education provides an instrumental platform for the growth of children in all aspects of life ranging from academics to society and many more.Problems in Primary EducationIn the last few decades, technology has developed at lightning speed and with this evolution, everything around us has developed and changed drastically. Technology has pierced through almost every aspect of our lives. One can say technology is yet to make a significant change to the education system. Our education system has been the way it was a century ago. Educators need to understand that technology is a boon for education. Innovation in the education system is not just a need but a necessity.Innovation in Education SystemCountries throughout the world are slowly and steadily adapting to various technological innovations. Educators are incorporating curriculums in school that focus on the all-round development of children. One such curriculum that has been widely accepted by schools around the world is the STEM curriculum. STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. It focuses on the all-round development of students and helps students to develop critical thinking ability. Coding and Robotics are now implemented at the primary school level and is considered a desirable niche that helps students foster enhancement in creativity and logical thinking. One such innovation is LeenaBOT. LeenaBOT introduces primary school students to the world of robotics.There are many different institutions that have started to introduce Innovation in education, But once this comes under big corporates, the teaching becomes more process-oriented than Innovation. For example, just assembling blocks or using ready-made robot kits will not help in Innovation unless students understand the basic concepts. That’s when one Institute comes in mind that focus on basic fundamentals of Innovation. LeenaBOT Robotics is a small startup with four years of experience in this field and slowly making its presence in Innovation because of its strategy of ineffective teaching. LeenaBOT robotics training is for the very early age group of 6 to 14. They provide different training for different age groups and provide workshop-based classes in INDIA and in the USA. The team at LeenaBOT Robotics pay special attention to fundamentals of coding, robotics and innovation, thus making the learning experience more effective. The learning methodology follows a series of experiments and working models from scratch. The training is very cost-effective and is affordable by even lower-middle-class families, so no kid is left out of innovation.Robotics is the future of technology. Preparing your children for the future is a wise decision. Companies like LeenaBOT Robotics are going to bring changes in society and bring innovations to educational systems. Learning coding and robotics at an early age helps children to develop an interest in technology and parallelly helps them think smart, be innovative, and be a smart person. The future of primary education looks promising.last_img