Juve VS Barca: Why The Catalans Lost

first_imgThe reason for Barca’s loss is very severe. The line- ups wasn’t something we needed in a match against the Serie-A champions, Juventus. These Italian Topper had a much better line-up with the experienced players. Players like Araujo, Pedri, Trincao and Pjanic are so young and surely aren’t fit for Barcelona. Araujo’s clumsy tackle cost Barca a penalty and they gave a chance to Juventus. Whereas, the line-ups of Juve contained players like Cuadrado, Morata, Ramsey and Arthur, who are capable of scoring goals and creating attempts. Cuadrado, Morata were the players who played passionately in the match between Juve and Barca, when they met last time in the Champions League.Ronald Koeman’s mind-set isn’t good. He thinks old players can’t play and youngsters can, but it depends on the experience of the player. Players like Araujo, Pedri and Trincao are players with very less experience and it was seen in the matches they played. The line-ups missed Umititi, Junior, Rique Puig, Braithwaite and Coutinho for no reason. If they would have been on the field from the very first minute, we had chances of a respectable defeat. The line-ups also contained Messi, Ter Stegen, Frankie DeJong and, Dest and these players were sweating their blood and tears while playing, giving out their hundred per cent.The thing is, in Barca, they are treating Lionel Messi as the most prominent gem of the club, which he surely is but MSN was the treasure of Barca. Neymar left, Suarez was sent to Atletico Madrid by saying he is dangerous to Messi’s career; the newbies are dangerous for his career!  Luis Suarez is in Atletico and the team recently won over RB Salzburg with a score of 2-0. The team is currently leading the La Liga table and Barca is on the 9th position, which surely is disheartening. To be honest, we needed Luis Suarez and Vidal in this game. The rookie defenders of Barca has cost the team a lot in both the La Liga season and the Champions League. The match that took place between Juventus and Barcelona at the Camp Nou stadium on 9th Dec was something for which fans have been waiting for. Many changes took place but all eyes were on the legends, Messi and Ronaldo. A very spiritual video was telecasted before the match commenced where both the legends were being shown together sharing some emotional moments. Barca had a line-up of 4-2-3-1 which contained all the young players. Whereas Juventus’ line-up was of 3-5-2 which contained quite experienced players and didn’t have Dybala.Juventus crashed a very humiliating defeat on Barcelona with a 3-0 win. The team and the culers as anticipated were very saddened by the results. Barcelona wasn’t able to score a single goal in the match and there are some stern reasons for it. The match commenced with Messi and Bonucci switching flags and taking their places. As the match was going on, the ball stayed in Barca’s half on the field most of the time. Ramsey and Morata from Juve were seen in wild action. Morata, the man who made a hat-trick of no goals last time Barca and Juve met, seemed to be dedicated today. Morata created some very amazing attempts but none of them got transformed into a goal. The first goal was by the legend, Ronaldo, which was a penalty-goal. The Juve fans cheered all across the world and everyone missed that boisterous stadium.  In the 20th minute, McKennie produced a brilliant goal with his acrobatic right-footed volley to slam past Ter Stegen and making the ball go in the net.Lionel Messi was seen creating some amazing attempts with tactics in the match but the Juventus’ players were too wild with him. They didn’t let go Messi for a moment and if the God-gifted player hadn’t balance himself, they could have caused serious injury to him. Many yellow cards were let out in the match and the referee was a Juve fan as he assigned Jordi Alba with a yellow card for continuous complaints. Ronaldo gave the first and last goal to the match and both were penalties! The penalty wasn’t going to be there, but as said the referee was a die-heart Juve fan and therefore the penalty got acknowledged. Ronaldo took the penalty and scored again, the match ended with a humiliating defeat of 3-0 and a joyous victory for Juve.last_img