The Unintentional Himsa

first_imgI belong to a family wherein since my childhood days I used to witness the preparation of non-veg. Even I witnessed bringing live erhu fish and put it in water for preparing it freshly when required. I also loved to have mutton, chicken etc in my childhood days, however, whenever I was companying my parents for purchase of flesh from the butcher shop, I used to wait outside as I could not see the blood and the killing. I have never witnessed any Bali(sacrifice) of an animal until my brothers thread ceremony wherein a male goat was brought and cut before me. I couldn’t resist that day, rolling tears came to my eyes and the girl who was enjoying the meat earlier couldn’t eat anything that night. At the age of 12, I stopped eating meat and gradually I stopped even chicken. I was small to understand the psychic phenomena in myself but only one feeling came that “How can one being be so selfish to taste the “life of another being” in his plate?” How can we enjoy the death of other being by eating the dead body? How can I kill somebody for my taste who even does not utter any word for his defence? These were some of the unanswered questions.Gradually I grow and tasted the professional and personal level success in my life. I was leading a complete life, blessed with a Son and a Daughter. My thought process about the life got completely changed when my son became a VEGAN and left all dairy products. It was so shocking for me b’coz without Curd, butter, Ghee and cheese his meals would have been incomplete all these days. He told me that how painfull it feels when he see the unjust on animals for the selfish motives of Man. He opened a new dimension before me. Now I started thinking beyond whether really this is “himsa” or “adharma.” I could not got any answer from the science books authored so far in the history of mankind. Infact they say that Men started their journey with hunting and eating raw meat for their survival. My logical mind said what is bad about it,  of course, this is my personal problem, other sect says it controls the population of Fishes in ocean, and animals on land. My interest in the subject crossed all borders and I started digging into it.I learned from my spiritual gurus that our Body is Panch kosh. I am analyzing how eating non-veg may impact the five layers  –Annamay – The outermost of the koshas is called the sheath of food, or Annamaya kosha.  The first answer was hidden in the very structure of human being and all herbivores i.e it lies in our intestine a long long intestine were a fruit digest in six hours, cooked vegetarian food in 24- 30 hours and non-veg in 50-54 hours. For such a long period anything will decay in the body, I was wondering and pity about the countries where new diseases come with ease as the usage of non-veg is the most. Recently the whole world became victim of it.Mannmay Kosha – Manomaya means composed of manas or mind. Thinking, feeling and willing. The second answer lies in Ayurveda which says that meat and non-veg are tamsik in nature as they have a dulling effect on the mind. They need a lot of energy to digest and can increase inertia and thus impact the subtle level to the productivity and potential of the human being.Pranmay Kosha – Pranmay Kosh (the life force) is the pranic sheath composed of prana, the vital principle or the force that holds together the body and the mind. Its physical manifestation is the breath. Non-veg diet can cause blockage in circulation and respiration. They are more likely to suffer from a heart ailment, diebities, BP, chest and stomach cancer. In all these diseases the first recommendation of any MBBS Doctor is to avoid Red Meat. Also, there is a saying “jaisa Anna Vaisa Mann” this means our thought and ideas are impacted by the food we eat. Therefore there is a tradition in our culture to do pooja before cooking and having food to have the Satvik impact on our thoughts and emotions.Vigyanmay Kosha – This is a higher conscious state of a human being that all of us feels during our sleep. During the entire day our brain function in a conscious state and during the night it transfers its function  to our Sub Conscious mind. Sub Conscious mind is the treasurer (record keeper) of all the information and memories of this life time as well as all previous birth. The mother nature put a covering layer to this memory before the beginning of next life. The same can be unlocked during Hypnosis and in deeper stages of Meditation. Our scriptures says that doing anytype of Himsa resulted into a Rog (Disease) either in the same life or in next life/lives. Himsa can be done at all three levels i.e from “Mann” by creating a bad thought, by “Vachan” – by saying harsh words, shouting etc and through “Karma” i.e killing others. All these actions are recorded to our conscious state. This is also called as Sanchit Karma. It created patches in this Kosha and as rightly said by Einstein, “we can not destroy  any energy good or bad, it keeps on changing its form”. The Newton’s law says “every action has equal and opposite reaction”.  Thus either the impact of a Sanchit karma will trouble the person in the same life or if the life ends than in next lives. In most of the cases Chronic and other diseases are suffered  as a result of it.Anandmay kosha – This is the innermost Kosha, it surrounds the Atma. This is also called Bliss or Joyful Kosha. This is a blissful state of any being who can be “Ecstatic” in all situation and conditions of life. When we further progress, we reach the state of Atman Sakashatkar. Atma is directly  connected with the divine. It is our pure consciousness. When that pure Intelligence, Chit, is reflected through Maya or Shuddha-Sattva, the reflected Consciousness is called “Paramatma”. When that Chit is reflected in Malina-Sattva or Avidya (All ignorance and lack of knowledge) the reflected Consciousness is called Jiva. Spirituality is the Science of transforming a “Jiva” to “Paramatma”. This is the sole objective of the life.A person (who consumes non veg) will forego and miss the opportunity of this transformation in the existing life and also make marks on his casual body (Karan Shareer) and will have to suffer in next lives. Also he will never be able to break the Chakra of life, death and continues to take rebirth and for many lives he will become the slave of his taste buds.last_img