From 3 aspects of the analysis of the successful writing skills of soft Wen

soft, is the enterprise market planning and advertising copywriter personnel responsible for writing "text ads", early just appear in newspapers and magazines, the rapid rise of the Internet until soft, play a greater effect. The biggest feature is that a "soft" word, like the Jinli Street reservoir needle, in the invisible enemy. Let the reader unknowingly into the soft text of the advertising trap, unable to extricate themselves, can only accept the advertising implant. The soft surface seemed to think that is an ordinary article. This is in the invisible enemy. So, since I know the effect, how to write this kind of soft Wen, the following will give us the mystery.

singular Title

readers usually read an article first see is the title of the article, and on the Internet, there are a lot of information every day, the people looked dazzling, in the course of time, readers used to filter out these on their "no use" article, so I want to let users fall into your soft trap, first of all they read the article to give a reason. The reason may be: a strange title, a title that can affect their minds, or an attractive title. There are many types of titles, some are not suitable for their own products, the title of the filter to understand how to understand the target user groups to analyze the human weaknesses of their products. For example, a flower arranging training enterprises, target user groups of this enterprise is to open the shop, or want to learn a flower arranging skills, after their own hands inserted some beautiful flowers placed in the home.

The former is

want to open shop, then the human needs of this population is more enough to learn the most practical arrangement skills, because of the expansion of this kind of problem need to take into account the group after the competition in the industry and business scope, so want to learn the best arrangement skills. This is not only the surface of the problem, the theme of the article has a rough outline. The title of the article can write that "the most practical arrangement skills, you know?" this is a question, or add numbers, users are more sensitive to numbers, such as "18 days to finish the most practical flower skill method", or celebrity effect by cases such as "recently some famous stars learn the art of flower arrangement". I’ll give you a few examples, singular title have a variety of attractive, as long as the mind jumps out of a lot of title, of course, don’t forget the most important point, is that the title points, the title needs to contain topic of this article, do not do the title of the party.

article at the beginning of the concise

now readers of the pursuit of simplification, the first paragraph of the first step of many readers point into an article the first thing to do is to read the article, after the first paragraph if the article did not think what meaning, will choose to shut down the left. So the first paragraph is a very important key, whether the reader has to continue to read the interest. So in the first paragraph of the need to pay attention to several points: summary, simple, interesting, confusing.