A Xuzhou Ji pharmaceutical executives resigned to build drop prices website by intimidation


the site price of drugs, more clear price please search the internet.

knows that high drug prices, but the price is very high in the end? Pharmacies sell those drugs, you know exactly how much they cost? Recently, one called "drop prices" website (URL: http://s.www.jiangyaojia.com/) answer: the purchase price of 10.5 yuan drugs, the retail price is as high as 109


website clearly marked more than 14000 kinds of drug purchase price and retail price, the purchase price less than 10 yuan, while the retail price is usually tens or even hundreds of yuan. The unexpected is, the website is the founder of a Xuzhou man, who is a pharmaceutical company executives; even more unexpected is that the site became popular, he received many from the relevant aspects of the threat, let him away"……

so, this website broke the news is true? What is the purpose of the founder of exposing scandalous? Yesterday, the reporter came to this "secret

Chinese pharmaceutical version of WikiLeaks

has a new website

exposure of 14000 drugs purchase price and retail price of

recently, at the end of the world, and other popular Voices Online Forum began to spread a "drug" post, post person accidentally discovered a "drug price query" website, which lists the kinds of drug delivery price and retail price, many of which drug retail price than the price for delivery times. "No wonder colds are usually spend so much money, so almost every pharmaceutical companies are so black," the earliest exposure matter of the users’ friends from his party to "self is" don’t know, a look surprised".

according to the keywords provided by users, the reporter search "website, I found this website (URL: http://s.www.jiangyaojia.com/): I saw the dark grey home emblazoned with the words" survey report "China drug characters. The website claimed that the "price reduction truth", also called netizens to "active denial of high priced drugs".

Click to enter the home page "drug price list", the reporter saw the left page provides drug name, drug generic name, Zhunzi and pharmaceutical production enterprise fuzzy search, on the right is the specific information of drugs, including drug product name, common name, Zhunzi, specifications, delivery price and the retail price and production enterprises, very detailed.

reporter noticed, the list, a total of 937 pages, each page includes about 15 kinds of drugs, rough things, "drug price list" involving a total of more than 14000 kinds of medicines, including most of the old people’s daily medication. More convenient is that users can enter the name of their own drugs query.

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