HiShop shop system and net cooperation for win win development

days ago, I pull a net (www.55.la) and HiShop (www.92hi.com) Logo shop system. Banner advertising generates a formal cooperation agreement, provided the special template Logo 5 specifications and 18 kinds of special banner templates for HiShop users to use the online system. Special address: http://s.hishop.55.la

it is understood that HiShop is the largest independent ASP.NET online service providers, with a well-known online store system brand – HiShop. Long term focus on the development of B2C online shopping software and related value-added services. The company’s main business is for small and medium enterprises, individual network operators and webmaster provide independent B2C shopping website to build a one-stop service package and shop promotion, supply and provide personalized value-added services. After seven years of development, the company has become one of the most influential independent online service providers. The company has excellent software product development and design team, focus on Internet shopping software to develop with independent core technology and intellectual property rights, the main products of HiShop online store system is one of the most cost-effective shop system at home, the most popular. HiShop and Alipay, TenPay, quick money, PayPal, IPS, Mattes, PHPWind, Beijing and other industry-leading peripheral service providers to establish a strategic cooperative relationship.

I can type

net, can make beautiful pictures, mainly for the majority of individual owners, and users do not use image processing software design, complex way instead of drawing software, make online image generation and simplification, so as to solve the webmaster in making web images problems. Users only need to input the text in their own love of the picture, after a few seconds, it can generate images, including banner, logo, QQ desk and other free online generation, users can even do not have to register can directly generate images. In addition, according to the needs of station users, I net also provides many useful webmaster tools, such as: Links query tool (http://s.link.55.la), Alexa (http://s.a.55.la), ranking query online picture cutting tool (http://s.tool.55.la) etc.. Will be able to type mapping, will be able to lose the site comprehensive query, which greatly reduces the cost of the precious time.

insiders said, the two together, the maximum extent to facilitate the use of webmaster, let the website development, web design, picture production reduced to a matter of seconds, so that the owners have spent more time in website promotion, website operation, website optimization etc..

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