Site classification evolution from slow growth to fight the fight

content review: classified information website no longer charm, CEO Yao Jinbo 58 city will reshape the magic bet on IPO

has 58 city is cool. At the beginning of September, 58 city beat the United States famous classification information website Craigslist, monthly unique visitors flow ranked first in the world. It is worth mentioning that, in 2005, CEO Yao Jinbo will be the United States Craigslist classified information website model copied to the local.

more Madden news, September 28th 58 city to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) submitted a prospectus, plans to go to the United States listed on the NYSE, the highest proceeds of $150 million. If the listing is successful, it will be Yao Jinbo following the "Education (4.28, -0.12, -2.73%)", the United States second times bell. And for the 58 city, after watching a road in recent years, SNS video, group purchase market Rainbow Night, which is its most precious rite.

"I believe this is the most anticipated IPO this year.", sharawadgi network founder, PreAngel investor Li Zhuohuan told the "global entrepreneurs". He believes that the biggest difference with the field of competitors, 58 city offers a complete solution for businesses, and at the lower end of each city line formed ground control. For example, in the real estate rental services, recruitment, local services, second-hand car field to become the first big platform.

previously, the company is suffering from funding strand breaks, traffic and other negative news. Even worse is that the classification of information through the rapid development of the site after the last two years suffered a bottleneck, spam and business model has become an indisputable fact.

only online promotion and membership system to obtain income from a single business model is difficult to get continuous pursuit of capital. Two or three years ago, 58 city rivals and were punched heavily invited pop star Yang Mi and Chen Yao launched crazy advertising endorsements, tug of war, this industry competition. "Now to the electricity supplier, 58 city to the platform development, the development of these years did not imagine so clear, there is no development too fast." A former middle said.

but it is not easy to survive. From the actual situation, was founded in eight years ago, the Internet market is the most experienced Chinese fierce fighting, from 2000 at the time of the classified information website to today’s survivors numbered, adhere to the 58 city and Ganji is lucky. They obviously don’t want to stop. It has conducted several rounds of financing, after several wars burn, how to enter the stable profit model to investors and listed as soon as possible, an account of the staff, or become the war of the war ended the classified information in the field.

not long ago, Ganji announced last year completed two rounds of financing, and to achieve sustained profitability at the end of last year. Yao Jinbo on the Global Entrepreneur, said 58 city profit is not a problem, but their choice". Now, go >