Baidu co founder Xu Yong from the construction team looking for financing to deal with the crisis

1, acquaintance Robin Li

in 1982, I studied in the Department of biology, Peking University, in 1989 completed a master’s degree in biology, I went to study in the United States, and then University of California at Berkeley postdoctoral. Later, I worked in two multinational high-tech companies, and as a senior sales manager.

1990, at a party, I met Ma Dongmin (Robin Li’s wife), when she just graduated from a biological company to do sales. As the two of us are both Chinese and colleagues, we naturally become good friends.

in 1997, I met her husband Ma Dongmin by Robin Li. Robin (Robin Li) and I graduated from Peking University. He later at New York State University at Buffalo completed his master’s degree in computer science. After graduation, Robin also served as senior advisor to Jones Company · · real-time financial system of Jones Company is designed by him, but the system is still being widely used in all the major Wall Street company’s website, including "Wall Street daily" network edition, he is also the international Internet companies — INFOSEEK sourcing Engineer, is a new generation of Internet technology experts.

Robin is very interested in the Internet, and very recognized Silicon Valley entrepreneurial culture and entrepreneurial mechanism. In 1998, he published the "Silicon Valley business". This book records the commercial competition between several large companies in Silicon Valley since 1994, and conducts a series of in-depth analysis. For example, the technology itself is not the only decisive factors, business strategy is the key to succeed; failure to allow a good idea; let conditional incubation; to tolerate creative chaos; to share.

Like Robin,

, I was fascinated by the entrepreneurial spirit of Silicon Valley. Just in 1998 this year, I became a large feature documentary "into one of the producers of Silicon Valley", and we shot "into the Silicon Valley" is to be able to objectively reflect the history of Silicon Valley, Silicon Valley and explore the successful gene.

so I often find Robin to explore the Silicon Valley and the Internet, the two gradually deepened understanding and have the same feeling. When I shot "into the Silicon Valley", an experience very interesting is that Robin disguised as a reporter, in the crew of YAHOO founder Yang Zhiyuan interview.

2, create Baidu

1999, the United States all over the Internet boom, everyone is talking about the network, we have a hunch that China’s Internet will have a very good development in the future.

one day in November, Robin invited me to his home to talk about "event", the second day I should come. At that time, Robin came up with a confidentiality agreement, and told me that we do a Internet Co home. I’m a little surprised